Test for need to recenter

With the speed of plate solving, I was wondering if it would be worthwhile including an option that platesolves every X images during a sequence to test if re-centering is necessary. There is already an option to re-center every X images however this process might be unnecessary if there has been no shift. In contrast if there has been a shift for some reason it would be worth interrupting image capture to re-center.

Hi Peter,

if you want to check … is better to do recentering. Realign is necessary if you not use autofocus with robostar each x sub that recenter the target automatically (for example if you not focus during sequence or using localfield).

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Hi Leonardo,

For users that are using localfield I was thinking a plate solve could occur in parallel processing after image download while the next image is being acquired. If the platesolve solution indicated a pointing error greater than a specified tolerance then a re-centering routine could be triggered after the current image capture was complete.

I can see how robostar would address this issue however I understood localfield was a better focus choice for imaging systems that were not perfectly flat.


In this way can I think about … but not all of us have fast plate solving … and plate solving is something blocking (you can run one instance) so risk is to wait for plate solving if some necessary operations required it also if working in parallel.

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I am finding ASTAP will resolve plate solving solution in 1-2 seconds on a 10 year old laptop so it would not introduce much delay in my workflow.