The Clamshell Nebula

Here’s my latest image of the Clamshell Nebula in Cygnus. I added this target to my list late in the season and was lucky enough to catch a few nights on it before it got too low at dusk. I think next season, I might try a mosaic of this with the North American and Pelican Nebulae.

The Clamshell nebula, or Sharpless 119, is a large patch of emission in the summer constellation Cygnus and lies some 2200 light years away. It’s only 2-3 degrees away from the North American and Pelican Nebulae, so is often overlooked. The bright star is 68 Cygni, and is around magnitude 5 and is one of the stars responsible for ionizing the surrounding gas. Riddled throughout this complex are several brighter emission patches and dark nebulae with their own LBN and LDN designations.

Scope: Astro-Physics 92mm Stowaway @f/5.3
Reducer: Astro-Physics 0.8x telecompressor
Camera: ASI6200MM Pro
Guide Camera: ASI174MM Mini
Mount: Mach1 GTO
SII: 19x15min
Ha: 14x15min
OIII: 25x5min total
Software: Voyager, PHD2, APCC, Pixinsight
14.5 hrs total exposure

Astrobin for high-res and more details:


Beautiful shot Gabe :+1:


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Well done, sir! Beautiful.

Top notch, Gabe. Your color blend is very pleasing.