The Cygnus Wall

First light from the new JAR Observatory!

Narrowband image of the Cygnus Wall. 3 hours of data in each channel, 5 minute subs. Voyager did all the heavy lifting, taking exposures over 4 nights while I slept like a baby.

Skywatcher Esprit 120ed
ASI2600mm Pro
Baader Ultra-Narrowband CMOS-optimized filters
EQ-6R Pro mount
Bortle 5 skies outside of Benbrook, Texas
Pixinsight for channel combination, stretching, halo reduction, and curves. Topaz DeNoise to clean it up after processing.


I very much like it - one of my next target :slight_smile:


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Nice. I have been collecting data on that for the last few weeks. Still needing OII, but now that the moon is down the clouds and wind have moved in.

So far I have about 12 hours of Ha and about 5 hours of both OII and SII.