The Eagle nebula - M16

I’ve really enjoyed the journey I’ve been on to automate my Observatory with Voyager. It’s so powerful and extensible as you all know. Here’s my first full image taken with this software, M16 - The Eagle nebula.

Location: Central Victorian Highlands, Victoria, Australia
Dates: June and July 2019
Optics: AG Optical Systems 12.5" iDK,
Focal length 2121 mm
Camera: mono FLI ML16200 with a Loadstar X2 on an Astrodon MOAG off-axis guider.
Adaptive Optics: SXV-AO-LF
Observatory: Scope Dome
Acquisition: Voyager
Integration frames: 35 x 240sec luminance, 18 x240sec Red, 20 x 240sec Green, 20 x 240sec Blue.


Beautiful image Nicholas, congratulations on your success!


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Great image Nicholas … thanks for using Voyager.

All the best

PS Voyager was born for manage the SX AO

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Thanks Leo
didn’t know that Voyager all started for the SX AO.

If you don’t mind me asking a question here about my SXAO, I get this in the logs:

AO Mirror Homing not Executable : Voyager can’t manage Mirror homing system of this AO

I guess I need to turn off AO centering?



Select sx so type in voyager setup like AO type

Hi Leo

I already had the SX type selected as the AO type, that’s why I’m confused about this warning message



which camera control you using for manage ao in voyager ?


this is some text

I use maxim I need to check if phd2 have now API for homing … when I wrote the client not have … this is the reason of warning message

Thanks Leo