The Elephant's Trunk Nebula

Imaged by many, but never looks quite the same. This is one of my major projects on ASI 183, as I got it early this year. Finally got the full field processed. There was bloating, mist and freezing temperatures when this one was imaged. I always took a little more light different nights, when waiting another target. Ended up with combined 20h of light. I really do like where I landed, but this image was one of the reasons I ordered astrodon narrowband filters. The star PFS is not uniform with different baader NB filters.

Voyager worked great, but I have come to conclusion that with my system I get better focus with robostar. These images were taken with localfield autofocus.

Esprit 80mm

Asi 183 pro mono

Baader NB filters


Well done Jukka. Localfield need flat field and low tilt or you need to crop the field. In case of tilt localfield can become not really best solution