The SkyX AO support

I use a SBIG AO unit with The SkyX. I guess it’s not supported in Voyager. Is there any work around or anyway to use it? Thanks
EDIT: will Maxim DL work with an AO unit and Voyager?

Hello Cmaier,

I to came across this tonight. As a work around, disable the AO checkbox in voyager, while still using TSX as your guide software. Guiding with the AO in TSX will take place as usual when you start guiding in Voyager. Looks like calibrations for both the AO and mount will hold, if you rotate with an automated rotator. Not sure about centering of the AO yet after X amount of exposures, Ill look at that later, It’s late and I need to go to bed :slight_smile:


I couldn’t remember if I had AO checked or not but when I had Voyager to try and acquire a guide star and start guiding, threw a error that said AO guiding wasn’t supported in Voyager. I will try again tonight. Thanks!

Joshua, Thanks again, I did get it to work :+1:t2: