TheSkyX Pro or Imaging Bundle with Voyager and a CEM70

I’m new to Voyager and this forum. Please pardon my newbie questions as I get started here. I just began my Custom 2 Node Array License to run a dual RASA8 Rig on an iOptron CEM70. The array that I am running is what brought me to Voyager in the first place. I could find no other software that comes close to what Leonardo has done. I would like to purchase TheSkyX (TSX) to populate one or more of the controls in setup as it seems to pop up on multiple tabs. I am creating this topic to ask for others experience with TSX, and a third party mount. Specifically I must decide if I would like to purchase the TSX imaging bundle including the TPoint and Camera Module or is TSX Pro version all that will benefit me with the CEM70. I could ask this on the TSX forum but my interest is specific to using TSX with Voyager. What does the group recommend for my situation? It is my understanding that I can use TSX as the Mount but I can’t wrap my brain around that concept just yet. Other than the Planetarium tab what other functions would be best served by TSX… Mount, Guiding, Plate Solve? What are others doing with TSX, Voyager and a third party mount? Do I really need the expensive TSX TPoint and/or the Camera module(s)?

Hi String,

I don’t think you need the SkyX for anything really unless you have a mount or camera that can’t be controlled any other way. I got SkyX with my MX but the new owner didn’t want the software so I use it for planetarium and plate solving within Voyager, it’s also useful to have something else as a sanity check sometimes, but if I didn’t already have it then I probably wouldn’t feel I needed it. I’m not sure any form of modelling would help your mount if you use guiding, that’s more for unguided imaging (but there’s more to it than that). I use a 10u mount directly from Voyager via the ascom driver and I suggest that’s the way to go - keep things simple and cut out any middle men where possible ! For plate solving and planetarium there are free alternatives as mentioned on this forum (such as CdC for the Planetarium).

Hoep that helps

I have used TSX for years, and Sky6 before that so it is a part of my workflow BUT i now use it mainly for targeting and plate solving though as I own an MX I also use it for TPoint etc.

If you are new to Voyager, I would try without it.

I knew I was probably getting ahead of myself. I think I was motivated to ask this question because iOptron offers a discount for TheSky Imaging Bundle to new Mount owners. If I ever was going to need it, now was the time to buy it. From what you and Chris have said, I know do not need TSX now for certain and unless I get it bundled with a Paramount, I probably never will. In my observatory I will always have access to the internet with a very fast connection. SESAME can do a lot for me. I would simply like to input my specific tree-line horizon altitudes for planning purposes. I can do much of that with CdC or Stellarium ahead of time and at no cost to me. I guess I have yet to fully wrap my brain around how Voyager uses a Planetarium other than to access the object database in order to retrieve target data. Right now I’m also starting with ASTAP for Plate Solve and Blind Plate Solve. PHD2 for guiding and RoboFire for auto focus. I would assume I’m all set unless someone can suggest what I might do better?

Robert, Following up on your recommendations. I have installed CdC. I am attempting to use “FAST FIND” to look up coordinates but not having reliable results. I was testing meridian flips with very simple success. Voyager is working great. However, Viewing CdC, I would select a target nearing Transit. Then, for example I enter M 43 in the “Target Name” field and click “Fast Find”. It changes my target to P/2005J. On other occasions I select a target in CdC. I cut and paste it into the Target field and select fast find. I would expect that it would be in the database because I’m looking at it right there in the planetarium. However, I get the dialog box, “Object is not available in selected database”. I’m just learning my way around. Maybe I’m doing something very wrong here. Speaking of cutting out the middle man… SESAME works every time just as expected. My workflow has become using CdC to look around but calling up coordinates with SESAME. I just wanted CdC to work in case I’m at a dark site and have no internet.

String for search passing for 3rd part integration code of CdC. String management is equal for all planetarium and for SESAME , its in common.

Try to ask support from CdC developer about if there is something to do on activate all the catalog from server search like in internal search

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If you can get TheSky imaging edition ‘cheap’ then it’s probably worth having… but just having seen the price there isn’t much of a saving at all. It also looks like SB has moved to a subscription model so make sure you know how much it’ll cost in the longer run.

I’ve heard good things about ASTAP for plate solving but don’t forget there is also Telescopium as a basic planetarium site plus the the Voyager web dashboard has an excellent framing and mosaic section. CdC was an idea of something else to try, I gave up using it when I got the SkyX which was a long time ago now. I often use WiKi Sky or SkySafari (iPad) to search for targets as I find the SkyX can be a bit awkward to use for that. There may be other software you could use but I’m not familiar with much else.

Edit: if you do go for TheSkyX then iOptron seem to be promoting TPoint so, presumably, Mount modelling and ProTrack can be used with those mounts - best check that.


Robert, I had pretty much decided to stick with the free solutions for now. As you said the savings is not much when you consider the on-going subscriptions. I had a friend that just got a Paramount and he advised me to stay away since my mount does not require the SB software. He is a fan of Stellarium and found TSX to look rather dated. I am coming from the ASIAIRPRO/SkySafari. I still use SkySafari Pro for planning. It’s not hard on the eyes. In the backyard I have a great internet connection. I seem to have the best luck with SESAME. I will soon need a plan for remote sites. I was hoping to get CdC to work simply for the database. Leo has recommended that I contact the developer about my problem. I will try that. There is also Halo Northern Sky to try. All I really need is a local database on my computer. Could someone tell me what the green “n.d.” means in the startup screen? Maybe it’s telling me No Database… I could not find any mention of “n.d.” in the Wiki. However I know that green is good and CdC does work sometimes.

nd mean not defined … when a version cannot be retrieved
M43 work M 43 (with space) not work, I ask you to ask developer of CdC because if you search inside CdC M 43 work, if I type M only inside CdC it found P 2005J.

Seems the developer have 2 way for search that shouldn’t be true.