TheSkyX / Voyager sequence of events


Chronic TheSky64 user, wanting a package that would help me get some sleep, meridian flips, guiding etc.

Was tooling around with the Voyager and how it integrates with TheSky. I am familiar with and love the TPoint modeling and accurate polar alignment and would like to continue using it.

In migrating to Voyager, I would like to connect to TheSky64, do a TPoint model and accurate polar alightment first. It’s the next steps that I am unsure about.

Do I then disconnect mount, camera from TheSky64 and then connect to mount and camera via Voyager while leaving the TheSkyX running in the background or do I shut down TheSky64 after disconnecting and then let Voyager launch TheSky64? ( I intend to let the mount driver be TheSkyX but camera controlled by Voyager. Pointing and platesolving will be assigned to the TheSkyX via Voyager)

How do I preserve the TPoint model created. Not sure whether disconnecting the mount from the TheSky64 would lead to a loss of the model while I reconnect to the mount using Voyager? (possible dumb question here…)

Mount : Paramount MX+
Camera: ZWO ASI 1600 MC
Focuser: Optec FocusLynx

Thank you

I use SkyX 64 bit and Voyager very successfully. Yes after tpoint and polar alignment in the SkyX, disconnect camera and shut down. Let Voyager connect to the mount.
Under Setup- mount make sure you check Not sync mount on solved point( pointing) model. This will preserve the T-point model in SkyX.


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I use TheSky64 as well and after the tpoint model has run I leave the camera connected and TheSky64 up. In Voyager I just connect to the camera and mount that is being controlled in TheSky64. Ditto on disabling sync on solved point model.