Things to come and work in progress

Hi Guys,
me and Leo are working for adding more features to WebDashboard.
Lately we have added the Rotator Panel (that will showed only for those who have a rotator managed), after working long on all the functions concerning the framing and the mosaic planning in Virtual F.o.V. panel.
I take the opportunity to make a clarification, Virtual F.o.V. is only a planning tool, it isn’t thinked as a real time monitoring and we don’t want it to be, other panels and status information will show you this data. The “Get Telescope Position” button only get the RA-DEC Coordinates and center the pointer, not the PA. At the moment only Plate/Blind solving button will set the solved P.A.
Do you think could be useful a new button to get last solved Sky P.A. into Virtual F.o.V., something like “Get Last Solved P.A.” without needs a new resolution?
If yes we will add it in the next version.

The new coming feature regards the "Viking Remote Panel" (showed only for those who have Viking managed), and with two tabs for alternate Digital I/O and Analogue/PWM. I show some screenshot:

Other news will regards Login at connection, Weather status, and very important thing about Remote Sequence Target override from Roboclip selection into Sequence Management Panel directly into WebDashboard.

I hope you will appreciate the continuous work that lies behind this kind of developments and the spirit that drives us to do it always at our best.

Have a good time with Voyager and WebDashboard.
Clear skyes to all!


Yes to the last solved PA! When you have a dragscript with more than one target with different PA angles it would be good to see where the scope is actually pointing complete with PA.
So yes for sure. This is my only criticism of the web dashboard.
Thanks, Tom

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I would put my had up for another yes vote for the last solved PA. I use the virtual FoV quite a lot and often use the plate solve function to get the current pointing and angle. Would it be possible for it to retrieve the latest position and angle if the plate solve was during active imaging (Recenter after focus for instance) in case the pointing angle has been changed since the last manual solve?

I often use it during imaging runs to plan what targets I might shoot while keeping the current rotation angle so being able to retrieve it without having to stop a sequence or dragscript to plate solve for the angle would be very useful.