Time for an Array

Voyager manage Array from 2 to 4 nodes … with all Synchronized.

Probably the Array will be the future of Astrophotography … we are ready with a unique software system at world, Voyager ! Always some steps ahead:

Image courtesy AstroShop.


Wow, that looks incredibly cool!

Long time ago (12yrs) I tried to build a 2 node array system, it worked but it was not automated, no dithering etc. Later I abandoned the idea and moved to fully automate 1 scope systems.

After using Voyager for several months on a single scope system and reading about the array functionality I am considering building a new multinode array. This makes a lot of sense when hosting a telescope in a prime remote location, since you pay for hosting the mount not the telescopes.

I noticed that development priorities shifted and now the Array functionality took precedence over the Advance version. I hope the Advance version still in your development roadmap.



Jose, few people are interested in Advanced. We have real ask in Array so we have switched to array. I’m working hard on adding to DragScript what is necessary for Advanced in this days, so I’m real working on Advanced. We have started array development 4 years ago.

All the best

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For the record, I am very interested in Advanced!


I have been waiting for Advanced since you mentioned it many months ago.
Are you saying most of the additions to the Advanced Version will be in DragsScipt?



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I said i added to dragscript thing that also will be needed by advanced.
Dragscript will be at base of Advanced like for Base version

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Add me to the list of people breathlessly waiting for Advanced!


Leo already knows I’m eager for Advanced… but I might as well go on record too!
I’ve noticed the recent additions to DragScript and thought many of them looked like good foundation for Advanced. I strongly believe that when Advanced is available, you will find a lot more interest than you think :slight_smile:



Good timing, I have an Array system in design now… :slight_smile:


Thank you for clarifying that for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Upgraded to Array for my upcoming dual GTX project. Smooth and easy process. Thanks Leo!

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