Trial is Over &

Well, my 45 day trial finished the after Thursday night. It is Sunday and they are calling for clear skies at least part of the evening.

So I had to decide whether to actually pay for a license or switch back to what I had been using (SGP Pro 3.1). For those who have been reading my experiences with Voyager on Cloudy Nights, there was really no question which way that would turn out.

I would have preferred to wait for the Advanced version of Voyager. But the thought of going back to SGP was thoroughly unappetizing. It is isn’t that SGP is a bad program. I have used it since 2013. But Voyager is clearly a step better in a number of important areas for me including reliability, ability to recover from clouds, the quality of the focusing routines, and integration with TheSkyX. I also really really like the Web Dashboard that Francesco has been working on as well.

So Leonardo now has my payment. :slight_smile:

Sign me up for the Voyager fan club!


Thank you so much Madratter, we really appreciated your way to trial Voyager , doing reports and sharing with all a lot of informations about. A lot of people coming here talking about previous automation software, someone want to transform Voyager to that software because think this is the way to found solution. We think all the other competitors are better than us but also we think Voyager is really different and we dont want to make a copy of the other software (also because Voyager was born years before) and we have our phylosophy right or wrong can appear.



Francesco have introduced great news in Astrophotography automation world … we must be grateful for his ideas. We try togheter to change things … in better way.

All the best


Thanks @Madratter and Leo for your kind words, I really appreciate it.
We don’t look at what others do, we put our ideas into work, and try to do our best to make a good software and a good experience in using it.
Said this we would prefer to not create parallels with other competitors, with their features and indisputable quality, so I hope that won’t be necessary in this place. We have so much to talk about Voyager and the news that concerns us.

Thanks for understanding and welcome aboard! :blush:



You are too modest or you haven’t used other automation suites. The only thing I miss from the other automation suites is the long rants in their support forums.



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