Trouble connecting for first time

Just installed trial version and went through the Quick Start with simulators just fine. When I go to connect to my hardware I cannot connect to my QSI683WS8 camera or filter wheel. See attached error screen cap.

Also won’t connect to TheSkyX unless it is already running as administrator.
Won’t Voyager open TheSkyX application itself as it does for other hardware like my APCC mount software ?

Attached should be a screen cap showing the problems.

Thanks in advance for your help,

You cannot get official support here, you must use the official mail, you found on Voyager menù or in our website.

This is the mail I sended to you:

The image you sended to me is too small to understand whats happen but looking with a magnifier:
1. camera, you must install QSI driver before proceede to use in voyager, you must install the COM driver in the QSI CD ROM or download
2.wheel, same thing on point 1
3.planetarium TSX, you cannot use it if you not register and activate the server inside TSX , this is possible starting theskyx like admin and flag the tcp connection in the server menù voice, you can refer to the TSX documentation or their support on how to start internal server
4.plate solve, again you must have PinPoint full installed and registered to use it like plate solve

Pratically please, be sure all the software are installed and working before try to use in Voyager.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi

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Just to add that SkyX works brilliantly with Voyager and you can leverage SkyX plate solves and AllSky solves with the speed and robustness they provide.