Two PegasusAstro UPBv2

In order for Viking to control 2 UPB devices does this require a 2nd Viking instance license? This is a potential issue for me because I intend to use one instance of Viking to control my Digital Loggers switch. I currently am planning a scenario where one instance of Viking controls my Digital Loggers switch and the other instance of Viking controls only one of my UPBs at a time. I never require that both UPB’s are operating at the same time. It is either one or the other UPB but used concurrently with the DL switching capability. The Unity Software can provide for this but I wanted to accomplish this through Voyager/Viking using different Dragscripts. When Viking is the Unity RestAPI driver it is assigned to one device UID and Dragscript is incapable of changing it to the other. Correct?

Viking manage only one card at time.
Viking MultiInstance allow you to running 2 instances of Viking so you can control 1 card for instance = 2 cards

So if you need to manage 2 UPB use the Multi Instance. If you want to manage 3 cards you cannot at now, you can ask for a customization of Voyager and Viking for add the 3rd card.

You cannot change a Viking profile from a DragScript, this is not possible because we are talking about hardware so can be only a manual operation with your supervision.

So go in the configuration of Viking running the UPB and change the ID of the device and reconnect.

If you are a programmer or have some knowledge about and at your risk you can create a copy of the Observatory.dat file inside Viking installation folder (one with the first UPB and second with the other UPB) and swap from an external executable/script before starting Viking.

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Great information. Thank you. Besides your recommendations of possible workarounds, I am happy to hear that a 3rd instance is likely available as a “custom” should I find I need it. This is great.

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Great summary, Leo.

Happy also to learn about the customization options. I will most probably reach out to you beginning of next year to speak about the Array Version + to get advices from your end with regards to my new projects.

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