Use of Date Start and Date End


I was thinking it would be useful if Voyager could manage the Date Start and Date End only taking into account the day and month. In such way, every set would behave as if the were “enabled” certain months of the year (and next years). In this way we don’t need to manually set the checkbox to disable/enable each set for the seasons and be more “advanced”.

Thanks for your attention,

Even if that is not possible, you could achieve the same effect by combining hour angle and min-max start times. Between those constraints the target would only be imaged when it fell in the correct hour angle range, at the correct time of night range.

Yes, that’s other way (the one I’m using right now). But the target is included in the calculations to qualified sets. Date start/end would be the first constraint to evaluate and take out of the calculations if it doesn’t fulfill. That way, the list in robotarget will be shorter, less resources demanding and easy to view the list of potential sets for the night (if you are paying attention to that)