Use variable when setting strings and using external scripts

I’m just starting to use Dragscript, and and playing around with sending messages via GNS. With all the other signal methods (SMS, Email, etc.) you can use some built-in text tags like “NOW”, “Mount Altitude”, or “Variable”. These allow you to compose a useful message, especially the variable tag.

But since GNS is not a signal method, it must be accessed using an external script and the text tags are not available. It would be nice to be able to use text tags when setting or updating strings, and when sending external script arguments. This would allow the same ability to compose a useful message for GNS.

For example if I set TargetName to the name of the target, then setting the external script for a GNS message might be:

External Script arguments: " ##TargetName## imaging started ##NOW## " 600

For setting or updating strings:

Init Value: ##TargetName## Calibrating Guiding

Variable: TargetStatus
UpdateValue: ##TargetName## Calibrating Guiding at ##NOW##


You can create your own variable at begin and change the text before starting the sequence.

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How can I use the variable as an argument for an external script so it shows up in GNS?


Dan you cannot use DS variable for external script, just you can create variable like text in command line argument of the external dragscript configuration.

What I suggest is for Signal blocks.

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