Using TeamViewer with DragScript

I thought possibly this may be useful for others? I’m still quite new to Voyager & have just started to familiarise myself with DragScript.

I mainly use Teamviewer to connect to my observatory PC & found that I could not ‘drag’ anything with the mouse when using the DragScipt Editor. I could only copy & paste.

Also I would get highlighted warnings in the editor like the example below


After some help from Leonardo I eventually found the problem was a TeamViewer setting that is not enabled by default

The CheckBox “Show your partner’s cursor” needs to be ticked otherwise you are just using your local PC’s cursor instead of the remote PC’s cursor & certain mouse actions do not work as you would expect.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful!!!

Just for info :

the error highlighted is caused by wrong place of the IF ERROR blocks. IF ERROR are conditional blocks that must be attached to an action block, in the image the block are connect to the block “Power up equipment”.

Thank you Leonardo,

Yes you are correct. The highlighted ERROR’s were because of where the blocks were placed. But if I may better explain:

I could not drag anything at all from the Editor Elements into the DragScript. This was absolutely caused by the checkBox setting in TeamViewer.

However I could copy & paste but I did not paste the elements into the correct place. That bit was my fault!!

The message was for those who saw the image and to explain the reason for the warning. That’s all !

Thanks for the report and solution