Using Variables for RA and DEC coordinates

Because my scope can’t track near the meridian (curse you tripod!!!), I have 3 script elements for my imaging object:

  1. Sequence
  2. Wait Event
  3. Sequence

All three elements need the coordinates of my imaging object.

Is it possible to create variables for the RA and DEC coordinates and use them in the script elements? That’d be easier to maintain than always making sure that I change/update all three.


Hello Mark,

yes is possible … i can add but this need more time than your previous request.
I’m starting to apply coords variable to Sequence Block at beginning … you need in more block ?


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That would be excellent! It would go toward making scheduling more dynamic. Is this something that will be in the standard version of Voyager, or the advanced version?

Hi Leo,

First, thanks for being SO active on this forum. Very cool.

What I would like to have is:
Define 2 variables: RA and DEC that I can set to the coordinates of my object
I have:
1 Sequence element
1 Wait Altitude element
1 Sequence element

All of which require RA/DEC coordinates of the object. On those RA/DEC fields I would put the variable instead of a concrete coordinate.

Hope this makes sense.

… and, yes, this does sound more complicated than a simple waiting dialog.


This sounds similar to my request to have an object variable in dragscript containing RA and DEC.

Is this what you’re implementing Leo ?

Best wishes

Hello Robert,

yes Robert i will create a new variable object with RA and DEC

All the best