V curves for different scopes

Hi guys,
no such thing as a stupid question right?
I have a variety of scopes - do i need to run the first light wizard when i setup a profile for each of the individual scopes?
Many thanks

Hi Andy,

No stupid question. As stated on the wiki “VCurves are optics-specific. If you change the optics of your scope, e.g. add a Focal Reducer or Field Flattener, you should run a new VCurve”.

In the same vein, if you have different scopes, then you will need to run for your respective scope the “VCurve First Light Wizard” - but only once.

PS : the results of your VCurve will be stored under the profile used to run the wizard. Therefore, do not forget to create a dedicated profile for each set of optics.

Hope this helps.