Vcurve first light wizard focuser not moving


I am pretty new to Voyager and stumbled on my first problem.
The focuser (lacerta MFOC) is connected and moves in and out via the command section.
I followed the guidelines and the scope is in focus.

When using the Vcurve wizard, Voyager acquires the star and than says:
Move from Position 3008
Moving to position 3008 (which is the initial position)…

and nothing happens until it shows timeout.

Any clue where to look for ?

Thank you very much

Hello Christian,

please send an email to our support contact:

We will try to help you on solve.

All the best

Thank you.
Mail send

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Hello. Leonardo build a work around for a most probably Lacerta Ascom bug within minutes .
That is a great service !!


Thank to you Christian, we have found the driver of your focuser hangup when asked to move to a position is equal to the actual (we use virtual move for first step of VCurve algorithm to save the first point). We will inform Lacerta developer about the question.
You have received a dedicated Voyager version with a workaround that you can activate from Voyager setup.

All the best