VCurve First Light Wizard simple question

I have a simple question about VCurve First Light Wizard and cannot find the answer in Rowland’s manual. Do I need to find and do initial focus of a star before running the Wizard or will the Wizard do everything like automatically slew to a star, plate solve and start the Wizard?

Thank you,

Hi Peter,
The Wiki instructs you to follow the six steps in the first light wizard. Step 5 is:

“Center an appropriate focus star that falls within the parameters you set on the VCurve Mode tab of the RoboFire Configuration Center. We recommend checking the “Use SmartFlux Mode to calculate Exposure Time” box so Voyager can automatically adjust exposure time. You can also let Voyager find a focus star by clicking the “Point Closest Focus Star with RoboStar” button. Your mount must return its actual position with fairly good accuracy for this to work.”

Step 6:
“Manually focus your telescope. This doesn’t have to be perfect, just close enough that Voyager can detect the stars as it moves your focuser back and forth to determine the VCurve.”


Thanks Rowland.