Vcurve first light wizard

last night was the first I was able to start voyager, due to weather and the wall of clouds of Florida summer.

I started the first light wizard for the vcurve and the process started. I did have a fairly good focus on the star to start and voyager started to de-focus as expected. however, it kept proceeding that same direction until the defocus star was no longer visible and then threw a star lost error.

I really thought that after it had defocused a decent amount, it would stop in that direction and then start back the other way.

I have to admit that I did not have my min and max focus position set, but no sure how that would have caused this behavior. I see min max positions as how can it go.

I’m using the microtouch focus and successfully in SGP so I know the focuser is working ok. Some other setting I missed?


The First Light Wizard lists the six steps you must perform before running it, including setting your Min and Max focuser settings. None of the six steps are optional - Voyager needs that information to properly characterize your focuser and run the First Light Wizard.

Please follow all six steps carefully and then run the First Light Wizard and let us know how it goes.

If you still have problems, let us know if Voyager is taking an image and if you see a star, even roughly focused, when that happens. If there are no suitable stars in the field when you run the FLW, move your scope to center one, either manually or using the green “Point Closest Focus Star with RoboStar” button.

There is also a video that goes through autofocus setup in detail at the start of the Wiki page on autofocus setup:


There is a video

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thank you. Yes, the only step I missed was the min and max movement setting. However, would that really cause the behavior? The behavior of it continuing to de-focus until the star is gone and then send a lost star message?

If right star was choose you dont have this “behavior” … please be sure to have selected a right interval of magnitude for the star, have pointed a right star and dont do this near the moon on in a very IL zone.

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Ahhhhh. Thank you. I bet the star was too bright. It was Arcturus.


You are welcome.

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I was finally able to get another clear night so I’m working on the focus again. This time The initial 6 steps were followed and I was able to set the in and out 0 and 10200. I have a microtouch focuser. The 10200 seemed low but that is what it read after racking it all the way out. I then did point closest focus star with robostar. It found the start and moved the scope to position. Then started the first light wizard. The V appears and I think it is just about finished. Then I get the following error
Error Executing Vcurve First Light: Find Star Error, maxim retries reached action failed

Any ideas what i may be doing wrong or have set wrong?

Just a quick update. I went back to my zero position (ioptron mount) and did point closest focus star again. This time it find one quickly, moved the scope successfully. I then started the wizard and it worked. Ran all the way through, gave me a decent V and action ended OK…

I guess it just needed a different area of sky or something.
Thanks agian!!

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You need to point a right star using the green button “Point closest focus star with robostar”

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