Very pleased with Voyager

Just to say how pleased I am with Voyager. It provides an excellent balance between flexibility and programmatic rigour. I find the weather intergation with the system at Pixel Skies, where my kit is hosted, work seamlessly. Last night even thought it did not clear until 3:30 am and my main targets had set I still managed to get some subsidiary data for a pro am collaboration.
So thanks.
Regards Andrew


Thank you so much Andrew, thanks for using Voyager and for the report.
We try to do our best.

All the best

Same here, I have used many different automation suites with good success, but one thing that really set Voyager one step above any other comercial suite is reliability and data consistency. In my experience the data produced by Voyager is always limited by weather, no crashes, no soft focus.



It is easily the best Astrophotography software on the planet. I am going to be launching a YouTube channel sometime this summer, and will be showing off Voyager to the AP world frequently. :slight_smile:


Hi Leonardo.
Very pleased to used Voyager and hope you will continue in this way to give us the best software I have never used. I am on vacations and just went back from the " Les Nuits Du Causse Noir" in south of france.Very nice sky, I’ve start and run Voyager all the nights without any troubles,no crashes, very enjoyed, all perfect.
Thx again for your efforts and your work.
Eric, Alsace, France


Thank you Eric … good times under dark sky is priceless

All the best

I have to say it is only Voyager that keeps me on Windows. I would much prefer to move over onto linux but Voyager is so good I put up with multiple USB issues, update changes, bloatware etc etc.

Leonardo… how about a linux version !!! :slight_smile:

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Dear Ian,

Voyager is a small application and with only few users. So think to port to Linux isnt possible at now.

All the best

I guessed you would say that and I understand.

Thank you