Video and v curve

There are two features I thing would be nice to have. One is an option to run a v curve multiple times without manually doing would be convenient.
A second would be to have an option to have the equivalent of video. In other words, display a star at a high frame rate to aid in many focusing. Perhaps this already exists?

Thanks, Tom

I don’t know about multiple V curves (Do you mean like the initial focus setup in the first light wizard, plus manually adding V curves, or do you mean making multiple focus runs while imaging) You only really need up to a couple of saved V curves in the focus setup tab in any instance and that does not take long to do. If you mean actual focus runs, unless you are trying to find out some statistics and have a real need to do multiple runs I wouldn’t bother, unless something external gets in the way (Like cloud) in my experience Voyager nails focus first time. I use Robostar not Localfield, but I never had any problems with Localfield either when I was using that on a scope with a fair bit of field curvature.

Regards looping exposures, you can do that with a dragscript really easily. just create a script which starts with an exposure of the length you want (And set it to save in the /documents/Voyager/Fit directory as Voyager deletes the content of that directory each time it is started) and then have a second script element as a goto to loop it back to the expose line and it will endlessly loop until you manually abort the sequence.