Viking 1.0.24 Release

A new version of Viking is ready to download in automatic or manual mode


or from dropbox

In this version:

⦁ [New] Added Viking Multi Instance Management. It will be enabled if you have a license that allows multi-instance (Maximum 2 instances allowed)

⦁ [New] Added instance management box with instance # 2 launch button and instance # 2 launch icon creation in Viking Multi Instance tab

Hi Leo,

Could you elaborate a bit on this new functionality?

Does this mean that a single Voyager instance will be able to control 2 IO cards connected to Viking?



Yes Josè, has requested I opened multi instance in Viking.
Now you can run 2 instance of Viking with separate settings to manage 2 different I/O cards in the same PC.

Also I added from the 2.2.16j daily build of Voyager support for 2 Viking Clients so you can manage 2 different I/O card from Voyager also with DragScript.

To open multi instance in the same PC you need to purchase a second license of Viking with the same serial number.

All the best

This is fantastic! Now it would be possible to control the Pegasus UPB and the roof controller via Voyager/Viking directly.

Looking forward to test it!