Viking 1.0.27 Release - Built 2022-04-24

Ready to download Viking Release 1.0.27:

[REMOVAL OF PEGASUS ASTRO SWITCH PRODUCTS] Attention due to the change of the Unity drivers of the PegasusAstro Switch / Power products all the cards previously managed by Viking are no longer supported by this version of Viking and are now removed. Do not upgrade Viking if you want to continue using this cards. We are sorry but unfortunately despite our efforts it was not possible to have the necessary information to maintain compatibility.
[New] Introduced new AMS board

All the best

How about the USB hubs such as the Pegasus USB Control Hub for which I purchased my second Viking license - would these be affected by the above change ?

In this version of Viking all the I/O cards from PegasusAstro are removed.
You can use previous versions of Viking like reported above.


Would it be possible to continue to include support for the previous Pegasus software in Viking ? I don’t really want to fix my Viking version at pre 1.0.27 - what in the future if I needed a feature of, say, 1.0.30 to control something ! At least keeping support would allow me to do that.

I also had a response from Pegasus today:

“It seems that there is an incompatibility between our new driver and Voyager which has been noted that Voyager requires extra development to support this driver.
We are going to provide the required information to Voyager developer in order to support the new driver. As we have a development roadmap we will need a couple of weeks until we settle this down.”

Perhaps they see this as a problem and will progress a resolution - well I hope so.


Dear Robert,

we already talk about. Voyager do not require any else development from use. Just the informations provided by the previous driver are not present in the new one. So we cannot sell products that actually doesn’t work like before with new driver.

When they will restore the situation the cards will be reactivated, meanwhile please use old version of Viking until 1.0.26

All the best

Thank you Leonardo.

I just had an update from Pegasus: “I expect to have a working solution with Voyager + our latest ASCOM driver by mid-May at the latest.”

Which is great news - it’s a unified driver so, hopefully, it will include all their hardware.



it is a little clumsy to get to (You have to install and run Unity to access it) but there is API documentation included with the Unity release from about a week or so back. Hopefully that sorts it out.

I hope it is resolved, I was looking at buying a Powerbox for one of my rigs but unless/until it is supported in Viking future releases it is too much of a risk for me, if I can’t automate it, it is pointless.

That’s great news, thanks for sharing that info!