Viking Board Support


I am new to your software and must say that Voyager looks to be very promising. My observatory isn’t up and running yet but when it is I’ll certainly be giving it a proper try. Well done.

My comment, and please do not interpret this as a criticism, is about Viking. I have seen another post where your approach is stability so Viking only supports your tested boards. I would find this too restrictive as I am designing my own Arduino, web based, power and monitoring switch. I always “fiddle” with my Arduino code so for me the lack of generic support would mean Viking is not an option.

I appreciate that generic coding may almost be like re-inventing ASCOM but I do feel would have been much easier for me to implement.

As I said I look forward to giving Voyager a go but Viking is too restrictive (at the moment) to be viable.

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Are you making your design ASCOM compliant using the Switch protocols?

that’s what I am planning. I started off with considering standard ASCOM but am now looking at Alpaca.

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