Viking support for Aviosys 9850 IP power switch

im currently controlling this IP power switch with an external script to call telnet to log into the device and power up the outputs as needed. This usually works well, but for reasons I cannot solve or get to the bottom of, the script will fail at the end of a nights session ie when the computer has being left unattended for a long time not a Voyager issue i know…

I would be interested in switching to Viking to control the device if support for it could be added to viking

below link to the item

thank you

Hi Nik

in order to add this card to Viking, you need to :

  • ask a custom development to us using the support channel and sending documentation and reference to the device
  • send to us one sample of the device or put one device online and reachable 24/24h for development over internet or VPN

I hope this helps

All the best