Viking using Velleman I/O board within Voyager

Hello all,

Complete newcomer to this software and learning lots as I go along. Only just brought a license.
If I connect a I/O card (Velleman) to Viking and where do I set this as the roof controller in Voyager as it only lists Ascom units as a dome.
I have a roll off roof that’s relay driven and I need voyager to open it up.

If some kind person can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Hi Martin and Welcome … sorry for delay but i’m sleeping when you wrote message.
In your license there’s a support … you can contact me using skype and whatsapp and i’ll try to answer you as soon as possible to help you from remote.

I make a video to explain you, basically Viking is not a ASCOM Dome driver this mean you must pass from DragScript … but i’m sure you’ll found it really powerful and simple.

I’m uploading the video … just some minutes for the link

All the best

Viking, Voyager and the Roof:

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