Voyager 2.1.3 Release and Voyager Fit Viewer 1.0.0

A new version of Voyager is ready to download in automatic or manual mode:

'[CAMERA] => NEW => Aggiunto nuovo controllo camera SXASCOM per gestire in modo custom il driver ASCOM delle SX Starlight Express
'[SEQUENCE] => NEW => Introduzione nuovo watchdog di Sync nella Sequenza, se abilitato limita la distanza massima accettabile in ArcoMinuti per l’esecuzione del Sync dopo plate solving
'[SEQUENCE] => NEW => Aggiunta opzione in sequenza per creare subdirectory per nome filtro dove salvare i file FIT
'[ROBOFIRE] => NEW => Aggiunto parametro in controllo posizione finale focheggiatore durante operazioni RoboFire per allargare l’intervallo di validità della posizione raggiunta per focheggiatore con intervalli di step discreti non unitari
'[SAFETY MONITOR] => NEW => Aggiunto nuovo controllo al Safety Monitor per leggere lo stato di SAFE UNSAFE da una stringa di testo posta in un file a singola riga aggiornato da programmi esterni a Voyager. Ricerca con stringa configurabile. Utile per Osservatori condivisi tra più setup
'[ROBOGUIDE] => NEW => Rimosso Bug RoboGuide durante selezione stella di guida introdotto con la revisione 2.1.1e
'[MOUNT] => MOD => Double check Conversione J2000>JNow e JNow>J2000 in caso di glitch dati telescopio da TheSkyX con switch automatico da conversione TSX a conversione ASCOM / Interna Voyager
'[VIEWER] => NEW => Nuovo FIT Viewer aggiunto alla suite di Voyager

'[CAMERA] => NEW => Added new SXASCOM camera control to custom manage the ASCOM driver of the SX Starlight Express
'[SEQUENCE] => NEW => Introduction of a new Sync watchdog in the Sequence, if enabled it limits the maximum acceptable distance in Arco Minutes for the execution of the Sync after plate solving
'[SEQUENCE] => NEW => Added sequence option to create subdirectories by filter name where to save FIT files
'[ROBOFIRE] => NEW => Added parameter to control the final position of the focuser during RoboFire operations to widen the validity range of the position reached by focuser with non-unitary discrete step ranges
'[SAFETY MONITOR] => NEW => Added new control to the Safety Monitor to read the status of SAFE UNSAFE from a text string placed in a single-line file updated by programs external to Voyager. Search with configurable string. Useful for Observatories shared between multiple setups
'[ROBOGUIDE] => NEW => Removed RoboGuide Bug during guide star selection introduced with revision 2.1.1e
'[MOUNT] => MOD => Double check Conversion J2000> JNow and JNow> J2000 in case of glitch telescope data from TheSkyX with automatic switch from conversion TSX to conversion ASCOM / Internal Voyager
'[VIEWER] => NEW => New FIT Viewer added to Voyager suite

A short video here:


Leo, you have just created the finest FIT viewer I have ever seen.



I agree, Glenn! It’s super nice.

I have created a Wiki page and it has most of the documentation on it. I’m watching Leo’s video and will update the Wiki as I figure it out.



Thanks for your comments … really appreciated.
Its 2 1/2 months of work …

All the best


The wiki page is excellent, Rowland. Thanks for updating.

Kind regard,


Incredible, Leo. I played with it for all of two minutes before figuring it out. Such an easy viewer to use, with spectacular image results. Thank you!!


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Ciao! Great viewer!

Slight issue with my mean calculation?

Providing .FIT for debugging:

Dear entilza … is a beta , you could decide to dont use.
Try to use Voyager and tell if all go ok, i’ll look inside to your header file to understand because also i see something bad in exposure data.

All the best, and welcome in the forum !

Hi LO, I realize it is a beta, I am just reporting an issue I found. Yes this .FIT was taken with other software but I thought you may want to see.

You are welcome … no problem.

Please download this file and overwrite the one in the Voyager directory.
I put in the setup the wrong version of this DLL (i use a custom version of AForge Library but in setup i put ther standard) , tell me if this fix the bug.

All the best

It worked :slight_smile: Wonderful thanks!

Wonderful thank for all.


hi to all,
I apologize for the bad English,
I did some testing on old shots … eos 60d bayer matrix,

this an image using 50% preset button

if I use the mouse wheel in …

and then out back to 50% …

is normal ?

tks LEO :blush:

Bayer matrix … multiple zoom resonance with matrix size create a square.
You can mitigate with activate high quality resize. I dont have actually a DSLR or color camera probably the best is to add debayer and look in color or debayer in grayscale.

yes in HQR the problem disappears

But think about what i said … probably the best is to debayer or debayer in grayscale … i dont know how work the other automation program…

Marzio, i add a new toolbox button for fast switch between high/low quality, you’ll found on 2.1.4 release of Voyager

All the best

Thank you very much Leonardo,


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Hi Leo

just a couple off comments about the new viewer :slight_smile:

the activate deactivate button is difficult to differentiate ( tell the difference ) could the colour change be more obvious please-- also would be good if the cursor would read out the adu of the pixel :slight_smile:
lastly in the camera shot settings could we have the option to save or not save the image ( and location ) as most of the time this would be used and looked at in the viewer ( which has a save option )

Many thanks