Voyager 2.2.0 Release

A new version of Voyager is ready to download in automatic or manual mode:


NEW => Added New Web Dashboard support
NEW => Added TheSkyX Dome AddOn check to the list of manageable, carefully read the disclaimer on the Dome setup page related to this control
NEW => Easy colors introduced for alarms for color blinders, settable by setup, Voyager tab, Colorblind Box
NEW => Introduced UnPark method in the dome for TheSkyX Dome AddOn
NEW => Introduced button for the Unpark activated if available in the Dome controls BOX
NEW => Added setting to perform an automatic Unpark at the Dome connection if it is of the TheSkyX Dome AddOn type
NEW => Added new DragScript block DOME UNPARKBUG => Closing Application in case of use Sequence without Application Server Started
NEW => Added command in the Application Server for the execution of the Abort of the action in progress or of the HALT HALL
NEW => Added command in Application Server to execute Precise Pointing to coordinates in J2000
NEW => Added Safety parameter in the Mount tab of Voyager Settings to manage the minimum acceptable Altitude value in degrees that can be used for goto or sequences
NEW => For those who have TSX that does not start up autonomously via Win10’s DCOM there is a new Voyager forced startup procedure, the flag can be found in the settings tab Voyager box external process starting
NEW => Added in DragScript new block DO IF HA BETWEEN
NEW => Added new RemoteMountFastCommand remote command for the operations of: Park, Unpark, Track, Untrack, Homing, Goto Near Zenith
NEW => Added to sequence two new constraints for HA to exit if HA is less than minimum and / or exit if greater than maximum
MOD => Added parameter exposure status to the ShotRunning event
MOD => Added info parameter MNTSLEW with the current status of mount slewing in the Application Server ControlData event
MOD => Now the remote actions change the local state of execution of Voyager
MOD => Improved driving watchdog management system following some reports of empass with delay in the current exposure stop.
MOD => Added RUNSEQ info parameter with the name of the running sequence file
MOD => Added info RUNDS parameter with the name of the running DragScript file
MOD => Added dimension in pixels of the image to the NewJPGReady event of the Application Server
BUG => In case of abort of the action of Scatto the message of IDLE was not sent to the DashBoard
BUG => In case of use of the ASI Native Driver of Voyager, Gain and Offset for slots were incorrectly managed in case of Sequence use in Cyclic Mode, the preset was erroneously used
BUG => Error in calculating transits and altitudes for time zones with fractions of an hour
BUG => Error in the calculation of transits and altitudes for time zones with fractions of an hour (Flip Time)
BUG => Translating the target search data caused an error in the command
BUG => AstrodogVoy crashed if there was no internet when sending SMS
BUG => On some occasions RoboGuide erroneously reported in the log monitor that it had found only saturated stars for driving
BUG => Added Flag in the Voyager Camera setup to avoid writing the AIRMASS in the FIT
BUG => The request for RemoteCooling without parameters to true always started the warmup, now activates the peltier
BUG => Incorrect creation of the RUNDS parameter in the Application Server ControlData event
BUG => Correct reporting of Sequence times for Dashboards in the Application Server
BUG => The WAIT TIME block configuration form had the notes in Italian only


NEW => Aggiunto supporto per la Nuova Web Dashboard
NEW => Aggiunto controllo TheSkyX Dome AddOn all’elenco dei gestibili, leggere attentamente il disclaimer nella pagina di setup del Dome relativo a questo controllo
NEW => Introdotti colori facilitati per le segnalazioni di allarme per il daltonici, impostabili da setup, tab Voyager, Box Colorblind
NEW => Introdotto metodo per l’UnPark nel dome per TheSkyX Dome AddOn
NEW => Introdotto pulsante per l’Unpark attivato se disponibile nel BOX controlli Dome
NEW => Aggiunto setting per effettuare un Unpark automatico alla connessione del Dome se è del tipo TheSkyX Dome AddOn
NEW => Aggiunto nuovo blocco di DragScript DOME UNPARKBUG => Chiusura Applicazione in caso di uso Sequenza senza Application Server Avviato
NEW => Aggiunto comando nell’Application Server per l’esecuzione dell’Abort dell’azione in corso o dell’HALT HALL
NEW => Aggiunto comando nell’Application Server per l’esecuzione del Precise Pointing a delle coordinate in J2000
NEW => Aggiunto parametro di Safety nel tab Mount dei Settaggi di Voyager per gestire il valore minimo accettabile di Altitudine in gradi utilizzabile per i goto o per le sequenze
NEW => Per chi ha TSX che non si avvia autonomamente tramite DCOM di Win10 c’è una nuova procedura di avvio forzata da Voyager, il flag lo trovate nei settings tab Voyager box external process starting
NEW => Aggiunto in DragScript nuovo blocco DO IF HA BETWEEN
NEW => Aggiunto nuovo comando remoto RemoteMountFastCommand per le operazioni di : Park, Unpark, Track, Untrack, Homing, Goto Near Zenith
NEW => Aggiunti a sequenza due nuovi vincoli per HA per uscire se HA minore del minimo e/o uscire se maggiore del massimo
MOD => Aggiunto parametro status dell’esposizione all’evento ShotRunning
MOD => Aggiunto parametro info MNTSLEW con lo stato attuale di slewing della montatura nell’evento ControlData dell’Application Server
MOD => Ora le azioni remote cambiano lo stato locale di esecuzione di Voyager
MOD => Migliorato il sistema di gestione dei watchdog di guida a seguito di alcune segnalazioni di empass con ritardo nello stop dell’esposizione attuale.
MOD => Aggiunto parametro info RUNSEQ con il nome del file di sequenza in esecuzione
MOD => Aggiunto parametro info RUNDS con il nome del file di DragScript in esecuzione
MOD => Aggiunta dimensione in pixel dell’immagine all’evento NewJPGReady dell’Application Server
BUG => In caso di abort dell’azione di Scatto non veniva inviato il messaggio di IDLE alla DashBoard
BUG => In caso di utilizzo del Driver ASI Nativo di Voyager veniva gestito in maniera errata Gain e Offset per slot in caso di utilizzo della Sequenza in ModalitĂ  Ciclica, veniva erroneamente utilizzato il preset
BUG => Errore nel calcolo transiti ed altitudini per i timezone con frazioni d’ora
BUG => Errore nel calcolo transiti ed altitudini per i timezone con frazioni d’ora (Flip Time)
BUG => La traslazione dei dati di ricerca target provocava un errore nel comando
BUG => AstrodogVoy crashava se non c’era internet durante invio SMS
BUG => In alcune occasioni RoboGuide riportava erroneamente nel monitor log di aver trovato solo stelle sature per la guida
BUG => Aggiunto Flag nel setup Camera di Voyager per evitare la scrittura dell’AIRMASS nel FIT
BUG => La richiesta di RemoteCooling senza parametri a true avviava sempre il warmup, ora attiva la peltier
BUG => Errata creazione del parametro RUNDS nell’evento ControlData dell’Application Server
BUG => Corretta segnalazione dei tempi di Sequenza per le dashboard nell’Application Server
BUG => Il form di configurazione del blocco WAIT TIME aveva le note in sola lingua italiana


What a fantastic release. Thank you, Leo.

Kind regards,


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Love it!! Not able to try out all the features as I’ve got parts of my system disassembled, but the layout is beautiful and the connection works fine. Will definitely look forward to offline mode. Is there any possibility we won’t need a Remote Desktop connection first to start Voyager before connecting the Dashboard?


Maybe put Voyager to start up automatically with windows

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Good idea - I’ll give that a try

Thanks Leo and Francesco, is a great and nice work…

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Tried putting a shortcut to Voyager in the startup folder, but it doesn’t start with Windows.

Yeah Windows has changed over the years that probably won’t work, you’d need to login first and even then it may not… Voyager would have to run in some service mode. So I don’t think it’s that easy anymore. Sorry! But I see where you were going with this.

You can leave pc logged on and lock the screen or you can setting up an autologon on your OS and add to Scheduled Task Manager a new task where you start Voyager. also Voyager can start with a parameter to run directly a dragscript if you need.

All the best