Voyager 2.2.11 Release - Build 2020-07-13

A new version of Voyager is ready to download in automatic or manual mode.

In this version:
NEW => Added new QHY CMOS Camera control for all QHY CMOS with direct access via SDK (also works with recently released CCD cameras, otherwise the use of the ASCOM QHY driver is recommended)

NEW => Added new Filter Wheel control to manage the QHY filter wheels connected with a cable dedicated to the QHY Camera, it works only if the Voyager QHYCMOS Driver is used

NEW => The QHY CMOS camera control takes advantage of a new layer of pipe data management from download to FIT save written in C language to obtain maximum performance in terms of execution time

NEW => Optimized performance of FIT saving functions for ASCOM and ASI cameras (for ASI cameras the management in C language will be applied in the next releases)

NEW => Added early time parameter in milliseconds for the early start of the download of the QHY cameras if managed by the Voyager direct driver. To prevent the accentuation of the amp glow phenomenon in QHY163 and other older CCD cameras. On indication of the QHY.

NEW => New performance optimizations for FIT save functions for QHY, ASCOM, ASI, CAM8, QSI, SX cameras

NEW => DragScript -> Inserted new conditional block DO IF DOME OPEN to check if the DOME is open

NEW => DragScript -> Inserted new DO IF DOME CLOSED conditional block to check if the DOME is closed

NEW => New option added in RoboFire in the various tab settings to add the current focuser position to the FIT file name in sequence

NEW => DragScript -> Inserted new DO IF FOCAL LENGTH Conditional block to check the focal length

NEW => Updated SDK version QHY to

NEW => ASTAP added as new Plate Solving control

NEW => ASTAP added as a new Blind Solving control

MOD => DragScript-> Modified maximum value of the exposure block gain and offset fields

MOD => For the QHYCMOS camera control, the camera first reading procedure has been modified to correctly set the default values ​​of GAIN, OFFSET and USBTRAFFIC

MOD => Normal and Array sequences with an actual duration time greater than 12 hours cannot be performed and are skipped (return OK and SKIPPED as status to DragScript), this to avoid borderline situations for some start / end time configurations

MOD => ERROR is now generated in the DragScript Exposure block if the folder chosen to save the file does not exist

MOD => Modified the maximum and minimum values ​​that can be set in the gain and offset fields of the autoflat sequence, have been brought to -9999 and +9999

MOD => Expanded RoboStar database with stars from magnitude 0 to 2 for ultra narrow filters

BUG => The Voyager setup was considered in the disconnected state even after the connection if the manual flat mode was selected and the flat was connected manually, this caused some dragscript actions such as camera exposure to fail

BUG => DragScript -> When executing the Setup Disconnect block, the general STOPPED state of Voyager was incorrectly set, during the sequences in the same script it was possible to activate the “Stop for inactivity” protection mechanism which stopped the mount even if not necessary to change the meridian

BUG => In the event of an error in saving the current image, a memory leak occurred which led to the general out of memory error


Thanks Leo and Francesco!
No other software I use is adding great functionality with the speed and quality of Voyager.
Much appreciated and it’s like a holiday all year long :slight_smile:


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Hi Rowland,
Thanks for you kind word, I would like to remind you that the bulk of the work effort is by Leonardo.


Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

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I second what Rowland said. You guys are amazing.


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I am not an experienced user like you guys, but I can appreciate a quality product with phenomenal support. Thank you!

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You are all welcome.
Thank you, if you like Voyager please spread words about.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi

Downloading and installing to my desktop (Test) machine now.

I think the biggest steps in this version for me will be the ability to include focuser position in the saved file names (To make focus trends over the night easy to see without needing to examine logs) and the addition of ASTAP. It seems quite a bit snappier for blind solving than ASPS so I will probably use it from now on.

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Beautiful !!!

Thank you Leonardo thank you very much :blush:

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Thank you guys :+1:t4: The software just keeps getting better.

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Just started using ASTAP tonight with Voyager - excellent addition, it’s quite a time saver overall versus ASPS