Voyager 2.2.2 Release

A new version of Voyager is ready to download in automatic or manual mode.

In this version:
NEW => Introduced aggression change management driving corrections during dithering of TheSkyX
NEW => Managed PHD2 server event “ConfigurationChange”
NEW => Now it is possible to configure an alternative set of data for plate solving (filter, exposure, binning, framing) to be used instead of the default ones
NEW => New Web Dashboard 1.0.6 Beta included with the Voyager webserver
MOD => New revision of the guided Dithering command dedicated to TSX
MOD => New memory management introduced during JPG creation with STF for the remote dashboard in order to avoid memory leaks
MOD => Extended Large Memory Data management for large format cameras up to 60 Megapixels
MOD => Introduced field “from” in the configuration of SMS Nexmo message sending in DragScript
MOD => Optimized timing system for filter wheel management in case of use of QHY CFW wheels during filter change
MOD => Voyager main window data saving routine modified to avoid empass in case of windows system directory in hidden status
BUG => The guided dithering was not performed correctly by Voyager in the latest versions of TheSkyX, signaling a camera error busy in another command
ALERT => Warning about the QHY CFW3 wheel, if used via USB needs the dedicated QHY USB cable + 12V power supply or USB3 / 3.1 port capable of delivering adequate current otherwise the wheel resets and does not change filters.


Thank you for another nice update, gentlemen.

Kind regards,