Voyager 2.2.5 Release & PlateSolve misconfiguration


The new version 2.2.5 has a problem trying to platesolve. There is a fixed directory in configuration (see image). Everytime, I have to configure the catalogues’ location.

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Hello JP, setting is in PlateSolve2 not in Voyager.
What mean for you every time ?

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Yes, the configuration of PlateSolve2 changed when I installed this last version of Voyager. As soon as the process of Autofocus begin, Voyager execute a Platesolve to get the actual position and the subsequents platesolves for Star, and finally return to object and platesolve. Every single time Platesolve2 open itself, I have to configure catalogs because. It seems that the configuration isn’t saved. I guess, a new (wrong) platesolve2.ini file came with this installation package. If you see the image, the path is in italian (UCAC3, the previous is already corrected, pointing to the right folder).

The dragscript execution stopped whith an error, because it can’t solve without the catalogues. I have to delete the ini file and manually reconfigure platesolve2, including where the catalogues are.

I disabled platesolve2 until I’ll have time tomorrow to see what happened.


If no setting are inside PlateSolve2 in installation you’ll find a fix setting but if you change it Platesolve2 save it. So you dont need to reconfigure. If each time you need to redo this mean PlateSolve2 are not able to save file, some permissions problem or damaged file.

Hi again, are these your coordinates? Just to be sure it came in the installation package.


I used to have issues with PlateSolve 2 on SGP and Voyager. I switched to All Sky Plate Solver for both blind and hinted solving and haven’t looked back. Reliable and dead simple to use. Fast, too!

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No this is not our coordinates … anyway this values is not used because Voyager passing your data when call PlateSolve2. Please delete the ini file and set the catalog. If you restart PlateSolve2 and have again the problem PlateSolve2 are not able to save the setting.

Apologize JPadron we have introduced a PlateSolve2.ini in the rar from update online (not in installer). IN some condition this can override the previous setting also if this file is used only the first time you running PlateSolve2.

We have removed it. Please remove the ini file and set again your catalog.

If is not possible to save its necessary to remove all instance of PlateSolve2.ini file from your hard disk, just do a search from Windows Explorer starting from root and remove each instance of PlateSolve2.ini related to Voyager.

If not confortable on do this task please ask support and we do for you from a remote session.

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Leonardo Orazi


Thanks for the update. Yesterday, I lost a couple of hours trying to figure it out. Everything it’s working ok now.

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Apologize Jorge, sometimes happen that we can do something wrong.
In this case please try the whatsapp way for direct support.

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Leonardo Orazi

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Thanks for letting us know. I have deleted all the platesolve2.ini files on the hard drive. I set the catalogs but they are not saving. I still get the error that the apm catalog can not be found. Any further advice?



Please ignore. I was able to change the configuration to all sky plate solver and then back to platesolve2. I was then able to update the catalogs and it saved. Everything is working now and I’m starting my sequence Yeah!!! thank you

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Apologize also to you Eric.

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