Voyager 2.2.6 Release + WebDashboard 1.0.12 beta

Another big update for Voyager, with many new features introduced, is ready to download in automatic or manual mode.

In this version:
⦁ [New] Added Telescope Slew LOCK mechanism (Abort of Goto) based on the status of one of the Viking digital inputs (Setting in the Viking setup tab)
⦁ [New] Added a new “Decimal Number Update from Focuser Position” block in DragScript to insert the current position of the focuser in a variable
⦁ [New] Added a new “RoboFire Focuser Move from Variable” block in DragScript to move the focuser to the position indicated in a variable
⦁ [New] Updated internal Web Server with Dashboard version 1.0.12 beta
⦁ [New] New Serial TX block added to send data string to a device on serial port via DragScript
⦁ [New] Added flag in RoboFire configuration to not apply final offset if present on the LocalField method
⦁ [New] Introduced the possibility in RoboSync to use an algorithm for calculating the Slave position of the Dome compatible with that used in the ASCOM POTH
⦁ [New] Added RemoteFocusInject method in the Application Server to remotely inject a focus request with the filter indicated in case of Sequence in progress
⦁ [New] Added AutoFocusResult event on the Application Server to communicate the data of the AutoFocus just finished to the Dashboard type clients
⦁ [New] Added RemoteSetProfile method in the Application Server to change the setup Profile remotely
⦁ [New] Added ProfileChanged event on the Application Server to communicate to clients the change of Profile Setup
⦁ [New] Added in DragScript the possibility of using Jolly strings to print environment values ​​and the contents of variables such as ##INTERNAL-IP## for the list of internal ip, ##EXTERNAL-IP## for the IP on the public network, ##NOW## for the current date and time and ##VAR-## for the content of the variable with the name
⦁ [New] Custom Array -> The various Sequence actions available have been traced back to a single SCArraySequenceMix action with all the available options
⦁ [New] Added mosaic management of Voyager Virtual FOV
⦁ [New] Custom Array -> The management of the Meridian Flip has been added to the Sequence in the same way as the Sequence for single Setup
⦁ [New] Custom Array -> Unguided dithering has been added to the Sequence every x exposure or every x minutes
⦁ [New] Custom Array -> Focus was added every x minutes as well as every x exposure
⦁ [New] Custom Array -> It is possible to tie the x exposure of Dithering and Focus to a single node of your choice, to the first node that reaches them, to the fact that all the nodes reach the minimum of x exposure indicated to perform dithering or focus
⦁ [Mod] The minimum tolerance value for the azimuth position of the dome before performing the slew has been brought to 1.0 ° to avoid stalling the dome when updating
⦁ [Mod] Modified the end-of-slew signal of the mount intended for the RoboSync management thread to avoid stalls in updating the azimuth
⦁ [Mod] Modified management of PHD2 calibration to avoid false calibration message performed outside Voyager
⦁ [Mod] In the RoboClip it is now possible to sort the targets also for descending and ascending RA
⦁ [Mod] The RemoteRoboClipGetTargetList method of recovering RoboClip data in the Application Server now has the possibility to order also for RA (desc and asc)
⦁ [Mod] RoboSync has been changed from Beta to Production
⦁ [Mod] Voyager’s SC Observatory section has been renamed to Custom Array
⦁ [Mod] Custom Array -> The LocalField focus action was brought to work on the default filters for the fire and subsequent offset as for the focus on a single star
⦁ [Mod] Custom Array -> Simplified OnTheFly interfaces for configuring focus parameters on the whole array for RoboStar and LocalField
⦁ [Mod] RoboClip database modified to version 3 to manage Virtual FOV mosaic in new data
⦁ [Mod] Modified Application Server commands related to RoboClip to manage the new Virtual FOV mosaic data
⦁ [Mod] Custom Array -> The name of the FIT files now takes into account the Label and the filter name in a mutually exclusive way
⦁ [Bug] The DragScript Emergency Suspend event block did not have the popup menu configuration item activated
⦁ [Bug] The self-selection of the guiding time for PHD2 was no longer working (for driving time equal to 0s)
⦁ [Bug] The sequence directory was not overridden if target name override was requested in the DragScript sequence block
⦁ [Bug] It was not possible to select files with the .fits extension for the plate solving of referenced FIT files from OnTheFly

WebDashboard 1.0.12 beta
⦁ [Virtual FoV] Mosaic Planning and RoboClip Integration
⦁ [Virtual FoV] Advanced Mosaic drawing with rotation correction
⦁ [Virtual FoV] Alert when using FoV profile different from Voyager connected profile (selected by menu or loaded with Mosaic data from RoboClip)
⦁ [Virtual FoV] Increased Aladin window size and space optimization for toolkit
⦁ [Virtual FoV] Mosaic Copy to Clipboard from main view and from RoboClip Tiles List detail window
⦁ [Virtual FoV] RoboClip web interface animation improved for better UX
⦁ [MOD] JSON parse Error Handling
⦁ [MOD] Increased main interface size reducing footer


It feels like xmas day!
Thanks for the hard work, will update my installations ASAP.




This is amazing! You two are the Dynamic Duo. The amount of work you put into each dot release is astounding. Thanks for doing it.



I wish all software developers worked as hard as you! Great stuff!!! Thank you!