Voyager 2.3.10 Release - Built 2023-11-19 (32bit and 64bit)

Automatic or with Manual Download at this direct link [32 bit]:

Automatic or with Manual Download at this direct link [64 bit]:

Release 2.3.10 - Built 2023-11-19 - UPDATE INFO

NEW => Sequence → Added GUIDMETH as a string header in the saved FIT indicating the guidance method used (none or UNDEF = no guidance, PHD2, DONUTS, MAXIMDL, THESKYX, THESKY64)

NEW => RoboTarget → The minimum time between one call and the next to the Scheduler (previously 60 seconds) is now configurable in the action parameters both from the RoboTarget window and from the RoboTarget DragScript block. It is strongly recommended to leave the default

NEW => Player One Camera → Added new Camera type for direct support of Player One Astronomy Cameras. The firmware and drivers of these cameras are truly high level and allow you to change the readout mode during the sequence without reinitializing the camera itself (as is necessary to do for example for QHY cameras). Then proceed to recover the ReadoutModes with the camera disconnected during the first configuration. Release will follow which will unlock the function in RoboTarget Manager

NEW => Application Server → DEBUG flag introduced to remove mandatory polling DEBUG_DisablePolling

NEW => Sequence → Added new override to change the final autofocus position of an Offset Steps (only for those using RoboFire). Useful for Astrometry or zonal problems

NEW => RoboTarget Manager → Added possibility to override the final autofocus point with an Offset Steps, valid only for those who use the RoboFire as a focus control

BUG => DragScript → In the Kill Process block the TheSky64 process name was incorrect

BUG => GeoData Cache → The cache was invalidated when verifying the use of the Virtual mount, making the search for asteroid and comet orbits unavailable when the mount was disconnected

BUG => Player One Camera → The exposure type flag was not set correctly when starting the exposure, dark and bias were created with the electronic shutter open

BUG => Wrong Focus Stars → Star data access was not ported to 64 bit by mistake, the wrong focus stars system was not accessible

BUG => Application Server → ControlData Event after Autofocus disconnected report always AFCONN=True

BUG => RoboTarget Manager → In the Shot editor the Bin0 which does not exist was incorrectly accepted, generating an exposure execution error in some camera drivers

BUG => RoboTarget only Dynamic targets → If a previously existing comet or asteroid is not found in the Dynamic Target database, RoboTarget continues to give an error by exiting the action and without suspending the non-existent target