Voyager 2.3.2m with Stellarium

A little advice appreciated please!

Great to see that v 2.3.2m now has Stellarium functionality as well - been waiting eagerly for that! Excellent work as always Leo and much appreciated!

I have one issue - I’ve correctly set up ‘remote’ configuration within Stellarium (and re-started it, several times), also configured as required in Voyager setup (localhost, 8090, ‘try start exe on connect’). Doing a ‘connection test’ returns “Connection OK”; also Stellarium does load when connecting in Voyager start up. So, all would seem to be good at that point.

However, if I then select a target within Stellarium and then try a ‘fast find’ in ‘on the fly’ I get an error box pop up with: “[ERRORE] The remote server returned and error: (404) Not Found”.

Something I’ve done/not done? Any ideas Guys? I don’t have any equipment actually connected at this point, by the way.

Voyager is v.2.3.2m (obviously!) and Stellarium is v.0.20.3

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Hi Richard,

I cannot found the error you have reported like string in Voyager because its an error generated directly from Stellarium. This error is generated when you search an object that doesn’t exist on Stellarium databases. Look at example on my PC (sorry but my stellarium is in italian but error is the same).

Hope this help.

All the best

Ah! Interesting …

OK, many thanks Leo - I’ll follow up on that useful information in that case …

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Hi Leo,

Well, I found my error (big doh, what an idiot!!) - yes, things work better if the correct format for an object is entered into the ‘name’ field in the first place, don’t they!!!

Ahem … I’ll now go and hang my head in shame in a darkened room … Maybe I’m just a bit tired!

You could do the following:

  1. Click on a target in Stellarium
  2. Click on a small green icon in between Fast Find and Sesame buttons in OnTheFly window.
  3. Voyager Object Finder window pops up.
  4. Click on Get Selection button of Voyager Object Finder window.
  5. Click on Use button of Voyager Object Finder window.
  6. This should fill in Name and RA/Dec coordinates in OntheFly window.
  7. Go from there.


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If you want more info on how function the field ‘name’ and the target box please check here:

Hi Peter,

Many thanks - indeed that procedure works brilliantly, which was really what I was trying to replicate in the first place - i.e., being able to choose and select a target in Stellarium first and then transport the coordinates & details into Voyager …

Cheers, much appreciated,