Voyager 2.3.5 Release - Built 2022-01-22

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Release 2.3.5 - Built 2022-01-22 - UPDATE INFO

NEW => File Pattern β†’ Added $$SQM$$ entry for sky quality
NEW => ASCOM PLATFORM 6.5 β†’ Added initial warning message in Toast format to indicate when using the ASCOM 6.5 platform to use at least SP1 to avoid target pointing problems. 6.5 has a known bug reported on the ASCOM website
NEW => RoboStar β†’ Added the possibility to indicate a maximum altitude for the selection of the focus star, useful for fork systems
NEW => DragScript β†’ A new Wait User DATA block has been added to receive manual input data from the user to insert them in the DragScript variables, with optional Timeout management
NEW => Added TLS 1.3 support for mail protocol
NEW => ATTENTION !! Updated ASI Camera V2 SDK to version of 2021.10.21, Recommended installation of camera drivers V3.1.7 of 2021.09.06
NEW => Dragscript β†’ MOUNT-ALT and MOUNT-AZ variable added as pre-filled text for the blocks Sending Telegram, Email and SMS Signals
NEW => Introduced a new Plate Solving Voyager Manual Simulator control for DEBUG activities and verification of internal functions that can also be used by users
NEW => Added support for Pinpoint Full Plate Solve Engine 7 ATLAS catalog selection
NEW => Advanced β†’ First Beta Release
NEW => Dragscript β†’ RoboTarget block implementation completed
NEW => Added new ASCOM Camera V2 CMOS Camera control to manage CMOS cameras with Ascom V2 interface driver and Gain management (Gain only). Use this driver for Moravian CMOS cameras and in general all CMOS cameras whose drivers have a V2 type interface and implemented Gain management.
NEW => Full β†’ First Beta Release
NEW => DragScript β†’ The possibility to declare UNSAFE based on the Moon Phase value has been added to the WAIT SAFE Block (Only for ADVANCED and FULL versions of Voyager)
MOD => Telescopius β†’ CSV and Clipboard import routine changed to better recognize line terminators and any changes
MOD => Updated QHY Filter Wheel management for Voyager Direct Drivers
MOD => Strengthened FIT saving and expanded error report in case of β€œCamera Shot Error”
MOD => Increased the maximum number of emails that can be sent via dragscript using the Voyager account (you must have the support and update service active)
MOD => Removed warning for null checks at the Halt of the Good Night action
MOD => Dragscript β†’ Added sorting of variables in blocks that use lists of variables of any type
BUG => File Pattern β†’ If the Rotator was not configured, the PA Camera was not processed and inserted in the File name
BUG => Telescopius β†’ Fixed PA import error in Clipboard mode
BUG => FIT Headers β†’ Resumed the execution of the removal from the FIT Headers of personal data
BUG => The introduction of the updated ASI SDK for the ASI Camera V2 automatically solves a rare but possible problem of first full size image damaged after using the ROI for autofocus, ASI2600 and 6200 cameras
BUG => In case of operation 24 / 24h 7 / 7d without restart the counter of the e-mails that can be sent from the Voyager account via DragScript was not reset
BUG => If the Virtual Mount Array was selected, the latitude and longitude override panel was not hidden in the Voyager configuration
BUG => The absence of the Flat Device was not detected if requested at the initial check of the Flat action, generating a generic type exception
BUG => Array β†’ In the action of remote flat on the slave nodes an error of invalid use of the virtual mount was generated if the FILE Pattern method was set in the Flat configuration to compose the names of the FITs
BUG => Dragscript β†’ The pre-filled text relating to the internal IPs for the Telegram, Email and SMS Sending Signals blocks was not correctly replaced
BUG => DragScript β†’ Block Sequence, in case of override target name and use of the File Pattern a double directory with target name was created