Voyager 64 bit .... coming soon!

If you want to be a Beta tester (code is always the same, I just porting RoboStar and RoboClip to a 64 bit database platform) please answer here.


Hi Leo, please let me know how I can become a tester for this :slight_smile:

QHY294MPro, 10Micron GM1000, Pegasus Powerbox Advanced2

just answer here … I will send PM a link to the 64 bit installer.
When answer please add information about setup (camera model, mount…etc etc)

Very much looking forward to!
ASI6200mm,Paramount MX+

I am up for it Leonardo. Will you be issuing new 64bit drivers for ZWO cameras? I assume all 64bit ASCOM drivers will become compatible by default.
Thank you


The drivers are already there from vendor, Voyager uses the SDK and doesn’t create any drivers but only camera controls based on SDK. I will definitely update the SDK as I always do.

The 64 - bit version is for using 64 - bit drivers of any brand and for any type of control , if made by your hardware vendor included ASCOM platform

64 bit release have passed the internal test.
I will contact you by PM in a short time

I would be honored I have multiple systems/setups which would allow for this. Run several large sensors including IMX461 (Moravian C5) and several brands of IMX455. Mounts are 10Micron2000 and two Planewave LMounts. Run guide and unguided.
Happy to beta only if you would like.

Hi Leonardo, does the 64 bit Beta apply to advanced? If so I would be happy to test, if I ever see clear sky again!

Hi Leo, I am happy to test if you need more. I have QHY600, iOptron CEM120EC2, 3m ScopeDome, PLL Esatto and Arco.

Happy to help.

Qhy600, skyx , paramount MEIi, focuslynx focuser

Hi Paul,

64 bit is for all versions of Voyager.

All the bese

Count me in! I would love 64 bit, especially with the large frames at bin 1 of the C5 camera.

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PM sent to all with info on how to proceede.

Thank you so much to who will test it.

All the best

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Up and running, first light with Voyager 64 Bit will be tonight. :slight_smile: I did not have any problems with drivers. My camera and filter wheel uses the 64 Bit Moravian drivers, and the AP Mount, NiteCrawler, ASCOM Observing Conditons, and Viking connections are all working without any updates being required.

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Do you need any more people to test? I would be happy to be involved.
QHY268M, Paramount MX+, QHY filter wheel, Lodestar X2 guide camera, Nitecrawler focuser/rotator, SkyAlert weather, SkyRoof.


I would join the test, my remote system in New Mexico is running now on Voyager 64 bit and it runs like a champion!

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Thanks , first night was a success.
The test is already opened … so join it

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Please, feedbacks for the beta testing ?

All the best

Hi Leonardo, I have been very limited by the weather but I can confirm that the installation and import of Roboclip data went smoothly and I can connect to my equipment as normal. More than that I will not be able to do until the weather improves.

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