Voyager Adavanced First Night

All worked well with no hick-ups. Although I entered 60 targets, only a few were acceptable for the night considering the constraints. I set-up priorities in the following way :

  • All my targets go in 3 buckets (1, 2 , 3)
  • Fisrt : finish existing already started targets
  • High : Oiii filters for my targets bucket 1 : I stop with moon phase above 25% so I want to first do Oiii if the moon is low.
  • Normal : Bucket 1 Targets
  • Low : Bucket 2 Targets
  • Very Low : Bucket 3 Targets.
    For all targets, I separate in 3 categories R/G/BL, Oiii and Sii/Ha.

Two suggestions two make this better : (i) understand from the scheduler which targets will be chosen after current, (ii) when deleting in manager, have the option to delete the file also.

A few other question :
I’m not sure what the pink/red and purple horizontal lines are in the ephemerides graphs ?

Hi Fredd

voyager do not delete any files. This is up to you, you can logically delete when you want from RoboTarget Manager.

Is not possible to know which target will be chosen by RoboTarget until it run.

All the best

Thanks. How about the two horizontal lines I mentioned above ?

Are reported in the videos.
Purple moon phase, blu violet the distance from moon, yellow the moon,cyano the target, orange the azimuth, blu is actual sequence start end, green start end robotarget action

Thank you for the helpful reminder.