Voyager Advanced Basic Question

Hi All,

Finally getting round to testing advanced on a remote system. Thanks to Rowland and Leo for documenting things and making helpful videos.

Firstly a question regarding Advanced logic and Sets.

I have things grouped in 3 sets… 1st in list is LRGB, then NB, then RGB Stars

What is the logic for deciding targets….

Is it:

  1. Check 1st set-check targets in this set for constraints- then check priorities
  2. If nothing in 1st set then repeat for second set?

Ie…check LRGB, then NB, then RGB stars?

Second question, I use custom file naming and don’t use the ‘date based sub folder’ option. All the data for multiple targets ends up in 1 folder. Is there a way to get advanced to put data in target based sub folders?

So far it’s working a treat.

Thanks all


Hi Paul,

Sets are only logical grouping do not interfere with scheduling and are not considered in this.
Just if the Set is disabled the targets inside will be not used for sheduling.

For default scheduler logic for deciding targets in order:

  • not suspended
  • not disabled
  • OneShot ordered by oldest
  • Time Interval ordered by oldest
  • priority
  • oldest in data creation
  • matching your contraints

For folder and file naming RoboTarget use the same rules of the Sequence Base you have chosen for the Target.

I hope this helps.

All the best