Voyager Advanced Blog Post #5 - Using RoboTarget Manager Remotely

Part 5 of the blog series on Voyager Advanced is out.

It shows how to use the RoboTarget Manager remotely. The RoboTarget Manager is how you add targets and shots to the RoboTarget automated scheduler database.

You can run it on the same machine as the one that runs Voyager to control your scope, or on a remote PC and connect to the scope PC. It also supports multiple remote site definitions, so you can open one instance of RoboTarget Manager and switch between multiple scope PC’s.



Hi Rowland, Leo,

Thanks for the write up! Do you need a 2nd copy of Voyager installed at home to do this? Or is there a plan to release a stand-alone RoboTarget Manager/editor for remote use? Thanks.


For now just install Voyager and run VoyagerRoboTargetManager.exe. It’s in the same directory as Voyager’s main exe file. I don’t know if Leo will release a standalone one at a later date.


Wonderful. Works just fine! Thanks.

Thanks Rowland, always detailed

For who doesn’t have VPN or Public IP or DDNS this is the Zerotier approach … working really really fine.
Thank to double Chris users :slight_smile:

PS for who use win7/8 download and install the old version 1.6.6


Be sure to use the latest version of Voyager setup where to extract the link to RoboTarget Manager executable.