Voyager Advanced NDA land in SkyGems Remote Observatories Renting network

Thanks @skygemsnetwork … We are very happy to welcome the first commissioning of a rental remote telescope using the Voyager Advanced NDA.

A version of Voyager Advanced dedicated to professional companies in this sector. After weeks of testing the installation in Namibia went into production with exceptional results. Congratulations to our friends and customers at SkyGems for their proven professionalism and tremendous competence in including in few days the NDA interface that we have specially developed for remote rental in their systems. Go to their site and check all the potential offered by this type of service.


Another milestone reached ! What an excellent news. Congratulations !

Thanks Aygen, for us its really important … thanks for the comment.

All the best

Well done Leonardo and team! You deserve a holiday to Namibia now! :+1:


Voyager is just a small application, I try my best to resist. I’m sorry if sometimes it’s not what you want.

Thanks Leonardo for all the help in implementing it. I have to say, Voyager is indeed a leap forward for us and our observatories, and we will progressively move all of our systems over to use Voyager. Just waiting for a few features that we will need :wink: hehe

Thanks to you Lukas, when Advanced will be released I will continue to add the feature requested.

All the best

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