Voyager Advanced Scripts

Hi everybody,
I’m using Voyager for 3 years now and I’m very satisfied. Last year I bought the Advanced license and would like to use now the Advanced version.
But I can’t find any examples for the base sequences. As far as I understood from Leonardo’s tutorial there should be base sequences (e.g. for Galaxies, Nebulas, and so on).
And then there are the target scripts for each target.
Is there somewhere a good example with a set of all scripts needed to use all the features of the Advanced version ?
I’d be happy for every hint.

Best Regards

Hi André,

I can share you my script if you want. I sent you a personnel message on this forum.


The Base Sequences have nothing to do with DragScript, they are Base Sequences because they are used by the targets configured by the RoboTarget Manager to create the sequence to be used for shooting. You can have one or an infinite number of them, perhaps depending on the type of target you want to make and the filters you want to use. They should not be inserted in DragScript but assigned to the profile and used in targets using the RoboTarget Manager. The Base sequence must be create with the sequence configurator like for Base License or using one of the oldest sequence you are running.

You can’t find directly any concrete examples because it depends on you and your setup and what you want to shoot. Narrow / broad or guided / unguided divisions are examples.

The basic sequences do not contain the shots to take.

I suggest to take a look at: