Voyager Advanced SkyAlert Unsafe String

Hello Leo,

I have been enjoying using Voyager 2 Adv. to run my observatory for about a year now and due to a recent close call with weather, I decieded to add the SkyAlert module to my setup. I have configured Voyager to read the Boltwood 1 line txt file it generates, but I am not sure how to set the unsafe string since it is binary and only at the end of the Boltwood weather string. I am not seeing a way to read the string with Voyager that will only look at the last value. Is there a way to configure the string in this manner? I currently only see exact match, contains, begins with as the options. Hoping there some logic for string data that can be used.

If it is not possible, should I only use the weather conditions to safe?

Regards -

Bill Kowalczyk

Safe and Unsafe is a very limited and involutionary way of managing emergency events, typical of some software that has appeared on the market in recent years.

In Voyager the correct management of these systems is with the use of the Weather control, you will be able to manage two emergency levels and the resume in a parametric way. Otherwise if your system has an ASCOM Safety driver you can manage them with the famous safe/unafe.

The acquisition of the SkyAlert info line data is provided in the weather control, you do not have to ask for it to be implemented or use the string match which would not make any sense with that data.

If you need support please use the dedicated channels and not the forum.