Voyager and shot overhead!

I’ve done an hard work on optimize shot overhead and save in 2.2.10 version (already out from may 2020), i dont like to use a unattend save process after download so i continue in my way to do all and have data on disk before continue.

This is the overhead of shot bin 1x1 QHY600 120MB FIT with save on disk included:

21:17:20 710 - Exposing 0,001 [s] ; Filter=L ; Type=LIGHT ; Gain=60 ; Offset=76 ; Binning=1 ; ReadoutMode=PhotoGraphic DSO 16BIT
21:17:20 821 - Expose finished
21:17:20 822 - Download started
21:17:23 485 - Download finished
21:17:23 675 - File FIT Saved (TestShot_20200709_211720)

Time of download of the QHY SDK driver is 2,5s, time to prepare data for Voyager check and save file FIT of 120MB on disk is 0,2s.

This include all from shot to file on disk saved, this post is to answer to who continue to read wrong things on external forums and ask to me a solution.

All the best and thanks for using Voyager.