Voyager and SkyGuard integration

I have used Voyager Automation in conjunction with The SkyX and FocusLock for a number of years now and it has been Rock Solid enabling me many unassisted nights of imaging – Thank You!

Unfortunately, the way my system is configured I have a few decisions to make for the future, let me explain.

I use an ONAG (On Axis Guider) for both my telescope systems which allows me not only to image but guide on the same image during each exposure (zero flexure). In addition, with the ONAG I have the ability to automatically focus real time during the acquisition of each image so no focus down time or drift during long images. This magic was accomplished by the ONAG and Optec’s FocusLock software wherein lies the problem. Optec have discontinued FocusLock and I will not be able to reinstall it on any new system. In addition, it was integrated with The SkyX 32bit and I now want to upgrade to 64bit to enable large sensor CMOS cameras to work efficiently.

The manufacturers of the ONAG equipment have released their own software called SkyGuard.
This does all that FocusLock used to an in addition has Full Frame Guiding (this is not multi star guiding but guiding on the whole or part of the imaging frame) – so no need to acquire a star for guiding - just image and go.

While I have been able to connect and to some extent run both Voyager TSX and SkyGuard together and indeed guide and focus with SkyGuard while running a multi target Voyager Dragscript due to no current communication between SkyGuard and Voyager I can not dither and moving between targets and Flip have been problematic. ONAG’s are becoming more and more used especially in remote systems. I also notice that CCDAP, SGP and N.I.N.A have recently included support for SkyGuard and I would ask that you consider if you can do the same for Voyager?

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Dear Allan,

we have followed so many things that others (automation software) do not have lik AO, Optec Pegasus multi camera, Donuts, and so and so and so … but users are always 2/3 max. About the system you are talking we do not have a sample for development and testing and understand how working so We do not import anything that cannot be tested directly.

The automation software you mention have the direct support of the producers , Voyager is something really at border of company consideration. You must to considering this before asking.

Anyway if someone is interested in custom development we offer this service (not for free), we need a doc with explained the things to do and a sample of the hardware to import.

All the best

David Lindemann reach us from SkyGuard with all informations.
There is now incoming a free license and simulators to test and more documentation.

I will add to Voyager.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi


That’s really great news.
Will look forward to using the implementation when ready.
Many thanks

Very much looking forward to.

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