Voyager Custom Array: auto flats in dragscript

I’m setting up Voyager Custom Array (which is really cool, esp now that 2.2.9a added support for Gain and Offset for ASI cameras - thanks for that, Leo!).

I see there’s a button in the Array tab that allows one to manually take flats on both the master and the remote instances. But I don’t see how to do this in a dragscript. Under the Array actions, I see an action for invoking a sequence (*.a2q), but nothing to take auto flats (*.s2f). Is there a way to do Array flats with a dragscript?

Also: is it possible to open the flat device cover for the remote instance from a dragscript running on the master?


  • Rajeev

Helo Rajeev,

you are welcome. You are right now no block in dragscript for array flat , its not simple to manage flat in an array. I think the best solution is to leave doing from the master dashboard.

I will add.