Voyager English PDF Manual

I have installed a PDF converter for the Voyager Unofficial Wiki and generated a downloadable PDF version of the Wiki.

You can grab the English language PDF manual from the Wiki sidebar link or from here directly:



Many thanks Rowland :+1: clear skies…

Thanks Rowland … great!

very kool, will read it and connect all gear this week , and report back.

And if you prefer to just read a Wiki online, all the contents of the PDF manual are here:


Read the whole thing over the last few days and I must say it’s very well done! Concise and clear, good use of graphics and examples. One of my jobs during my career was managing a Technical Publications group that helped author and edit engineers’ reports, and I appreciate well-done work like this. I know it’s taking a lot of work but I’m sure I speak for the English-speaking users that it’s highly appreciated!

Wayne Hixson


Wow, thanks Wayne, that’s high praise.

As you know, the hardest thing to do is write something that is concise yet informative.

I built the Wiki because I felt Voyager deserved much wider use. I couldn’t believe software this good was virtually unknown in the English speaking imager world. I’m glad the Wiki is helping to introduce you, and other new folks, to this excellent imaging software.



You’re welcome! I’m one of those rare engineers who enjoy reading the manuals guess!

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Kindred spirits!
There’s a reason the phrase RTFM is so commonplace :slight_smile:

I get asked things all the time by family members and friends who assume I’m the expert and would know off the top of my head. Thankfully, 95% of the time the answer is one Google search away.

Have to maintain my reputation :slight_smile:


Thank you – just what I needed!!

I love having printed manuals, and Rowland’s obviously put in a lot of work on this. But :wink: may I make a suggestion?

Would it be possible to reduce the font size and/or the size of the screenshots? It currently comes to 575 pages, which is quite a few; and many times graphics are cut off on the right side. Downsizing all of it by maybe 30-40% (similar to the Wiki) would make it much more manageable.

Thank you

P.S. just starting to learn Voyager