Voyager first steps

Ok so I finally got round to installing Voyager on my astro stick and have successfully setup and connected my gear, at least as far as I can go being indoors. I’ve also prepped a sequence for this weekend where I will hopefully be able to test everything out in earnest!

My first impression really is that I was surprised how easy it was to get up and running. I am coming from SGP and have also tried other packages so maybe I know what to expect but nonetheless I think it’s also a testament to the software as well as the excellent Wiki which really helped a lot! Thanks Leo and Rowland!

The only small suggestion I have after doing the initial setup is that it would be fantastic to have tooltips popping up when hovering over the individual settings with a short explanation what the setting does (but I appreciate that that would be a lot of work to add…).

So all in all I think I spent about 3 hours total to work through the wiki, get to know the basics and do the initial setup for my gear. And that includes getting up to speed with the drag script editor! What a fantastic tool this is, this is going to help me a lot and give me the freedom that was lacking in SGP.

The only question that I didn’t manage to answer myself at this stage is related to auto focus. The focus run can be triggered by multiple events and the manual says that you can have more than one set. So my question is, if I set more than one trigger does the algorithm take into account that another trigger has executed a run? So for example if a focus run is triggered by a filter change will a ‘temperature difference’ trigger that is also active take into account that a focus run has just taken place and reset the start temperature to the temperature of the latest focus run (which was trigger by another trigger)? Hope this makes sense… :smile:

Thanks again and I’ll let you know how first light goes!

Congratulations on getting set up. I think you will be happy with what Voyager can do for you.

I believe every every separate focus criterion will trigger an autofocus run. If you have both temperature change and number of frames checked, for example, autofocus will run both when the temperature changes AND when the number of frames occurs.

I would love to see tool tips added to the program. It does seem like a lot of work, though.

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Congrats Mike, thanks for feedback.

Glenn sais the right thing, i just add that when a focus was done all the trigger variables are resetted (temperature acquired, altitude acquire, number of exposure from last focus, etc etc).

All the best