Voyager from London - Summer targets

Hello All

Voyager Advanced/Array keeps chugging along from London. :muscle:t2: Weather has been extremely good for imaging, if not for the plants as it hasn’t rained in weeks! :roll_eyes: :dizzy_face:

A few targets imaged from London in NB and RGB using my tandem setup:

LDN 792 in Vulpecula

Sh2-82 in Sagitta

Sh2-86 in Vulpecula

WR134 in Cygnus

LBN310 in Cygnus

LBN248 in Cygnus

And the latest, processed today, MWP 1 and Alv 1 also in Cygnus

The scheduler, horizon limits, etc are all working perfectly. Thank you Leonardo!!!
Can I please have Voyager Array Advanced?! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:



Wow, very productive! Excellent images!

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One more beautiful than the other … chapeau :clap: :clap: :clap:
Ciao, Marzio :hugs:

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You’ve been busy, Roberto! These are all lovely images. I especially like WR134.



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Beautiful shots Roberto! Wish I had the same weather. Only 2 clear nights for me in August. Lots and lots of rain…15" or 381 mm


Thank you All! Very good weather (and seeing) over here but bad for our green gardens and now for people in general. I am sorry to hear about your wet summer Jon; looking forward to more of your images!


Just finished vdB 152, below. Now onto vdB 158…


Hi there Roberto.
Those are a set of really good images.

What are you using for safety sensors in your setup ?

I had continuously hazy skies throughout the summer with few really clear nights and was reluctant to rely on sky temperatures to auto close since the sky temperatures were so high and normally indicative of cloud!



Hi Mike
Thank you!

I have an old Hitec Weather unit. It’s basically an ASCOM Safety Monitor. It raises an it’s SAFE or NOT SAFE flag that triggers a suspend/resume event in my dragscripts. I think FLO still sells them.

I did have to adjust (down) the clarity reading on it during the summer. It is usually at 17/18 but went all the way down to 14 during some nights when the temperature never dropped below 20C… :sweat_smile:


And to finish this thread as the weather has finally turned…

vdB 158 and LBN 534